Strawberry Lipo Laser - Body & Lower Face

What is Strawberry Laser Lipo?a

Strawberry Laser Lipo is a non-invasive procedure that uses laser light to safely irradiate fat cells in the patient’s body and significantly reduce them in size. It works by utilizing a cold, red laser at a continuous wavelength to safely penetrate the patient’s skin and is only capable of targeting fat tissue. This laser is FDA approved, has no know side effects, and the client has zero downtime after receiving the procedure. The laser also provides for skin tightening in conjunction with the inch loss, reducing hanging/loose skin.

Initial Consultation & Trial for Body

Our initial Consultation is a full Single Treatment that provides information on the service, before and after measurements and pictures, strawberry laser application to the area of your choice, and vibration plate.
This session will determine if you are a candidate for the full service; if you are a candidate you will see immediate results which will be visible in your before and after photos. While you will see immediate results from just a single treatment you will not achieve the clinically proven results without a full treatment package which is 8 sessions.

Strawberry Lower Face Lift:

Tired of the “Turkey Gobbler” or the extra fat around your jowls or neck area?! The Lower face lift is done with 2 different lasers! The first chin laser is placed under the chin for 8-12 mins while 40+ lasers blast that area. Then the Spot Fat Reduction laser is then slowly moved across the jowl, neck and chin area to pinpoint area of concern.


Pricing for the Body Laser Treatments:

Treatments are $200/ session
Paid by each session: $150/session
Paid up front in package deal is $100/ Session: $700 for the remaining 7 sessions
Continuing Single Session or Package deals:
After the first 8 Treatments, single and package deals are as follows:
2 nd round of 8 Sessions:
Paid by each session: $100/Session
Paid up front $75/session: $600 for 8 Sessions
3 rd Round of 8 Sessions:
Paid by each session: $75/Session

Paid up front $50/session: $400 for 8 Sessions

Full Treatment Package:

The full treatment package consists of 8 sessions including the initial consultation appointment. Clinical studies have proven most people achieve clinically proven results with 8 treatments.

Each treatment session includes 2 Laser applications and the vibration plate.

Generally, a full package can target one major area, such as your arms/ upper back, abdomen, or thighs.

You will be measured and photographed to track your inches lost on your 1 st , 4th , and 8th treatment. Clinical studies have shown a loss of an average of 3.7 inches overall and 1-2 dress sizes for most participants.

Pricing for the Lower Face Laser Treatments:

1 Session Normally $350
Single treatments $250
Buy 1 & 2 Treatment together: $225/session=$450
Buy 1, 2 & 3 Treatment together: $200/Session=$600
Buy 1, 2, 3 & 4 Treatment together: $175/Session=$700

Before & After Care

Pre-Treatment Instructions (Day of Appointment)

  • Drink at least 8 glasses of water
  • Do not eat 2 hours prior to your appointment
  • You want to work out for 30 min (Some type of Cardio or brisk walk after your treatment) or 10 miutes on the Vibration Plate (During your appointment)
  • Women: Wear a Sports Bra and Yoga Pants (or tighter pants that hug your skin) Regular underwear unless you are targeting the buttocksm than a thong.
    There can’t be any fabric on the target area and underneath the Lasers during the treatment
  • Target area must be clean and no lotions

*Strawberry Face Lift: Drink lots of water, no eating 2 hours prior to your appointment, clean face (no makeup, lotions or moisturizers)

Strawberry Laser After Care:

Your Laser Lipo treatment will be effective regardless, however for maximum effectiveness the following items are highly suggested:

Hydrate: This is so important to consume at least 8 glasses of water throughout the day of your appointment. The more hydrated you are, the more effective the treatment will be for you.

Nutrition: Avoid sugary/fatty foods and alcohol especially on the day of your treatment. If you can avoid and refrain from consuming alcohol during that time you will get a more
effective treatment. Additionally, eating foods that are high in sugar and fat, or overly processed foods will have the same effect; reducing the effectiveness of the treatment. Lastly, avoid red or fatty meat as this can also reduce the effectiveness of the treatment.

Exercise: You will be placed on our vibration plate at the end of your laser treatment; there have been a variety of medical studies showing the health benefits of our sports medicine grade vibration plate. It will provide a days worth of cardio workout in just 10 minutes as well as stimulate your lymphatic system and increase blood flow and circulation to aid in the effectiveness of your laser treatment. With that being said, additional cardio and gym time will increase the effectiveness of your treatment! Clients that do additional cardio have reported additional losses.

As with any fat loss method, a healthy lifestyle and good nutrition make all the difference in the long run. Our Strawberry Laser Lip will help you shed the fat immediately and if done in conjunction with a nutritional plan and exercise regime will help you keep the fat off! You do not need to go on a fad diet, or starve yourself, in order for our treatment to be effective, nor do you have to do that after the treatment to keep the fat off; but a few simple lifestyle and nutrition choices can make all the difference to keeping a healthier you!


Circumstances when treatment is not allowed.

  • Diagnosed with cancer in the past year (Must be in remission for 1 year)
  • Currently pregnant/breastfeeding
  • Pacemakers defibrillators
  • Kidney or Liver disease that prevents you from exercising
  • No skin lesions or open wounds in the area that i want treated
  • Keloid Scarring
  • Severe or Cystic Acne in treated area
  • Any condition where your doctor wants you to avoid laser treatments
  • Under the age of 18


Each Session take up to 1 hour; the session includes 2 treatments with the laser and 10 minutes on the vibration plate. Treatments should should be schedules once or twice a week with 2 days in between treatments. Total treatment time will take 4-8 weeks depending on how quick the patient wants to get the treatment done.

Clinical studies show that most people reach maximum efficacy on a target area after 8 sessions. Our full package gives you a total of 8 sessions and you are always welcome to add more treatments if you feel like you need a little extra.

You will see results immediately after your first treatment! Most people lose 1 to 2 inches after only one treatment; but to keep it off and to increase the total loss requires a full treatment package. We will take measurements and before and after photos to show you your inch loss along the way.

We use the term inch loss instead of weight loss because the machine works by shrinking your fat cells, effectively making you thinner. Measuring the inches that you lose from your target are allows for us to have a concrete measurement that can be compared before and after treatments. If you lose weight during the treatments it will only optimize your results.

No! Any size or shape person can get laser lipo. We have people of all weights and sizes who are interested in the procedure. The reason is because we can target the specific fat that you want gone. If you feel you just have a trouble area we can help you with it! Laser Lipo is frequently used by athletes, bodybuilders, and celebrities to help shape their bodies and eliminate stubborn areas of fat. It can used to tighten and tone in addition to inch and weight loss.

No, it does not hurt. We feel, and most clients tell us, that it feels like a heating pad. There can be minor amounts of discomfort from the heating pad but no injury, bruising, or pain is caused by the device. After the treatment you can continue on with your day with no downtime or recovery period.

That is a difficult to answer question/ the short answer is YES! The long answer is that it is only as permanent as any other weight loss method; it is possible to gain the lost inches back. While the inch loss is immediately permanent, you can and will gain the inches back with an unhealthy lifestyle. If you eat fatty/sugary foods you will regain the inches as normal; this procedure does not prevent weight/ inch gain through lifestyle choices. The fat cells are not destroyed, and they can fill back up with fat.

The Laser Lipo works best with good nutrition and exercise; both of which are the key to keep the inches off and leading a heathier lifestyle overall. Just by having a balanced nutritional plan and with a normal amount of exercise for your age you will maintain you inch loss.